Nuts are one of the most important foodstuff, because nuts contain many substances that are necessary for our helath, for example, vitamins, mineral substances, proteins and others.
Hazelnuts are rich in protein and unsaturated fat. Moreover, they contain significant amounts of thiamine, vitamins (such as B, B1, B2, C, E, PP)  and mineral substances (Cu, Mn, Iodine, Cobalt, Iron).
Hazelnuts are used in confectionery to make praline, and also used in combination with chocolate for chocolate truffles and products such as Nutella. Hazelnut oil, pressed from hazelnuts, is strongly flavoured and used as a cooking oil.
Our company offers hazelnut wholesale trade:
  • Hazelnuts in shell (size range from 15 mm to 21+ mm)
  • Hazelnut kernels (size range from 9 mm to 15+ mm)
  • Sliced hazelnut kernels
  • Chopped hazelnuts

Hazelnut production

Hazelnut production is located in Georgia, Zugdidi county. Hazelnut factory has highest quality standards and unique 3 step control system which allows to increase quality of hazelnuts.

In production room we have highest class machinery.